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FIBA Canning supplies, manufactures, repairs, rehabs, & retests compressed gas/tube trailers; supplies & repairs cryogenic trailers; cryogenic & tank truck remounts; manufacturers tank trucks & tank trailers; provides hydrostatic, ultrasonic, & acoustic emission testing of tube trailers; & continues to build the largest tube trailers in the world.


From humble beginnings, Hugh Canning worked at his father, Joseph Canning's company, Hygrade Coal founded in 1912. Originally Hygrade delivered ice and wood, then coal, then fuel oil. Hugh worked for his father’s company until approximately 1960 when he left Hygrade to establish Mobile Tank Industries, which specialized in the manufacture of fuel trucks and other mobile tanks. In addition, he went on to open the largest truck dealership in the east end of Toronto, Canning GMC as well as Hugh Canning Industries to complete his vision of a one stop service enterprise.

FIBA Canning Inc. is the result of the amalgamation of Mobile Tank Industries and Hugh Canning Industries which specialized in the compressed gas and cryogenic gas market. 

There were few things Hugh enjoyed more than  new vehicle design or technology which made vehicles more durable, more efficient, safer, or capable of carrying a greater payload. If he could do all of the above in a single vehicle – all the better!

He introduced aluminum tanks to the fuel industry, as well as B-trains, dromedary tanks, and the largest payload tank trucks, tank trailers and compressed gas trailers in the world.

Hugh Canning

Hugh Canning (right)

He was instrumental in introducing to North America CNG fueled vehicles and produced the first CNG transit bus in North America – which President Ronald Regan rode on. 

One of his designs – a CNG powered hybrid energy waste collection vehicle was featured on the Discovery Channel – decades before hybrid braking systems became common place. He did the same with a CNG & LNG powered hybrid transit bus. FIBA Canning Inc. delivered hydrogen loaded trailers cross border to an alternative vehicle fuel station via a highway tractor powered by a blend of B100 biodiesel, Hydrogen and Compressed Natural Gas.

Today at FIBA Canning Inc. we continue striving to improve the industry we serve and provide the best possible product to market.

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Hugh Canning 1930 - 2018

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