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FIBA Canning Inc. has supplied equipment, technology and turn-key operations to the industrial gas and natural gas industry throughout North America since the 1970's.

We have been involved in numerous Research and Development Projects, including National Resources Canada (NRCAN, the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL), the U.S. Gas Research Institute, and the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Energy.

We have worked as consultants for companies such as Brooklyn Union Gas, B.C. Hydro, Transport Canada, and for countries including Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela, Argentina, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.


In conjunction with Volvo of Trollhattan, Sweden, FIBA Canning Inc. built and demonstrated a CNG powered refuse truck utilizing Cumulo brake and energy recovery, with the vehicle subsequently appearing on the Discovery Channel. 

The President of FIBA Canning Inc. - Hugh Canning, was presented with the prestigious "Michael Grant Technology Award", the "CANMET Technology Transfer Award", and the "Award for Excellence: New Technology Development" from the Ontario Ministry of Environment.

FIBA Canning Inc. has been bringing many innovations and new technologies to market. Some of which include:


First to Produce:

  • Natural Gas and Propane powered pickup truck in Canada

  • Self-serve Natural Gas and Propane refueling stations in North America

  • Dual-fuel Propane-Diesel vehicle in Canada (with Esso Research)

  • Dual-fuel Natural Gas-Diesel vehicle in Canada (with Manitoulin Transport)

  • Natural Gas powered Recycling and Garbage Truck

  • Natural Gas powered urban and commuter bus in Canada

  • Hybrid fuel urban bus in Canada

  • Hybrid fuel powered recycling truck in Canada

  • Various CNG powered equipment such as front end loader, zamboni, forklift, shunt tractor and air compressor

  • Telemetric CNG dispenser

  • The very first engine in the world to surpass the 1994 EPA Urban Bus Standard

  • B-Trains in Canada

FIBA Canning Inc. is a member of the CTEA, Compressed Gas Association, Ontario Natural Gas Association, Canadian Natural Gas Association, and a standing member of the B149 Committee which is responsible for writing the NGV vehicle and fueling station codes for Canada

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