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Mobile Decanter System

Trailer bed 10 feet long; additional 4 feet of trailer tongue

Weight ~2000 LBS

Maximum inlet pressure: 3600 psi (temp. comp)
Two inlets @ 3/4" NPT

1st stage cut: two 1500 PSI output regulators

2nd stage cut: two 700 PSI output regulators

3rd stage cut: two adjustable regulators 5-150 PSI
Two Bosch 150,000 BTU Glycol bath Natural Gas powered heating systems complete with two

re-circulation pumps to heat the Natural Gas as it drops in pressure and temperature

Estimated 78,000 SCF/Hour range or 1300 SCF/Minute
1-1/2" NPT low pressure discharge outlet adjustable from 5-150 PSI (sub. to spring installed)

1" NPT mid stage outlet @ 675 PSI
Manual shut off valves


Operational Manual included. 

*above figures are subject to atmospheric conditions and Tube Trailer presuure.

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