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CATEC Safety Advantage:  

  • CATEC has the lowest center of gravity (SRT) on the market.  

  • Comparing CATEC's SRT to the competition elevates CATEC's safety record to one of the best in the industry.

CATEC Lowest Cost of Ownership:

  • Our liners have a solid plastic roto-mold construction as opposed to the extruded and welded liner of the competition.  This is the toughest and most durable liner in the market!

  • Highest tensile strength carbon fiber over any other trailer manufacturer.

  • Plumbing design with fewest amount of joints and connections possible leading to the fewest amount of potential leaks and repairs.

  • Of the shelf replacement parts allowing for lower component replacement cost and greater availability.

  • Easy and fast process to drain compressor oil from the cylinders compared to our competitors.

  • Oversized cylinder neck design along with 1" tubing to optimize gas flow to reduce temperature fluctuations during filling and unloading of the trailer.  With this combination CATEC has the fastest filling trailer on the market keeping your trailers on the road more with more gas than our competition.

  • Customer testimonial that currently has several competitor trailers: "We have noticed that our new CATEC trailers fill faster and cooler than our other CNG trailers, allowing us to fill them to a higher percentage quicker."  

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